Calpak Luggage Review

calpak luggage reviewBefore plunging straight into our Silverlake Calpak luggage review, let’s take a moment of our time to look at the company behind the product.

By doing our due diligence on the actors behind the scenes, we can accurately measure and adjust our expectations.

Speaking of which, mentioning travel luggage or simple carry-ons without putting CalPak in the same sentence is a grave mistake.

After all, they have been a leading manufacturer of all types of cargo carriers. From simple duffel bags to large holdalls! In fact their diverse range of luggage is one of the key reasons why we decided to do this Calpak luggage review.

This sets up a strong precedent and it is our strong belief that Calpak will not fail to impress with the Silverlake.

Calpak Luggage Review: Silverlake Carry-On

The one thing that tickled our fancy with the Silverlake carry-on were the plethora of choices when it came to color. One could easily select a more obscure hue to better be able to identify his/her own stuff.

However, competition is quite stiff in the 20-inch carry-on department and we are hesitant to witness what the Silverlake brings to the table!

First Glances

CalPak Luggage Review - Silverlake 20-Inch Carry-On Luggage

To kick off our Calpak luggage review we started with the aesthetics of the Silverlake suitcase. A shiny, contemporary design with sleek and compact styling, all sprinkled with a smooth and slick surface. We found the design, and available colors, to be very modern and refreshing. This also makes your luggage far easier to identify when you pick it up from the airport.

The build itself is very sturdy, even when the Silverlake is not riddled with any sort of additional compartments, one can still feel the weight in their hands.

The design isn’t anything special on its own, but one can see that thought has gone into the top handle, bestowing you with ability to effortlessly transform your carry-on into a gliding vehicle.

The last thing to mention would be the zippers which aren’t your usual, cookie-cutter plastic trash but feel good in your hands as they slide through the edges.

Silverlake’s Many Charms

No Whammies On The Wheels

A lot of manufacturers don’t pay any attention to this important detail. While you won’t be utilizing the wheels at all times, when push comes to shove, they are supposed to be the buffer that keeps you moving.

This is especially paramount when you find yourself in a situation that requires swift and nimble movements, such as catching a bus, train or plane.

CalPak alleviates your ail by adding two additional, 360-degree fully rotatable wheels.

This means that your stability on ground will never be out of the question and that gravity will always play favors on your side.

On another note, this also translates into less shaking and bumping while traveling, which has a positive effect on the overall wearabilitiy of your luggage, as well as your carry-on!

Cut The Cutpurses!

Review of Calpak combination padlock

Let’s not fool around, we all know that some parts of the world and to be precise, some parts of our own city, aren’t safe to be around.

We all want to escape the shanty towns as soon as possible, as we fear that we might get robbed for our belongings or worse.

While the mounted combination lock won’t stop a renegade from putting a gun to your head, it will bare access to the common sneak thieves that try and swoosh away with your belongings.

They will find themselves dumbfounded when they realize that the real task is only now laying in front of them.

On a more realistic note, it also helps with securing stuffy luggage, as many people try and cram in as much stuff as they possibly can, while avoiding the hefty fees airlines charge for separate goods and chattels.

Fool The Travelling Companies And Save Money

On the agenda of paying for additional luggage, we always thought of that to be nothing but daylight robbery.

And the strict rules on the amount of something that you can bring into a plane or bus? Just preposterous!

On the other hand, there weren’t really many other options available, the rules were clear-cut and precisely defined, leaving us forced to comply with the regulations.

Then the Silverlake came along and the rest is history.

Bestowing you with the ability to extend him by up to two inches, it has made itself a fan-favorite among many staunch globetrotters!

These extra two inches can mean the world, especially if the only thing you’re missing are a few extra accessories in your bag.

It Will Wear You Down And Not The Other Way Around

That’s stretching it for a bit, but the premise lies true;

After rigorous testing, we couldn’t find any sort of wear or scratches on that damn thing!

One of our informants was getting tired of all the commotion and asked for the experiment to be ended but I was vigilant on seeing some sort of blemish to appear.

In the end, I ended up taking it for myself and using it for my personal travels and insofar, six months down the road, it is as good as new!

The Icing On The Cake

Now that we are done with the nitty-gritty and our Calpak luggage review is coming to an end, let us tell you of the real beauty of the Silverlake; The price tag.

CalPak went for the masses and their bet has paid of its dividends.

Here’s the thing: Not many companies dare produce a suitcase that isn’t in the upper three figures, as you won’t see bags that often on your grocery list.

It’s a commodity that is bought at most once or twice in your lifetime and one doesn’t really get ‘repeat’ customers if he is in the bag industry.

That’s why many such business decide that their best bet is to raise the prices as high as possible and put a huge mark-up on the entire industry.

While many have been compliant with such a way of dealing with things, CalPak stands out as the one company that put those convictions to the test with their bold move.

And what an example they have set:

The Silverlake is available for less than 150$, which is a measly sum considering the industry we’re discussing.

Final Words

We were quite mesmerized by the unique pitch the company behind the Silverlake had in its marketing campaign; Instead of shrouding the user and releasing the mist upon him, they opted for transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Our Calpak luggage review has shown us, and hopefully you the readers, that the Silverlake is a versatile, robust, spacey and durable product that will follow you through thick and thin!

Silverlake 20-Inch Carry-On Luggage Round-Up


  • Expandable
  • Combination Lock
  • 4 Spinner Wheels
  • Modern Design


  • Scratches Easily
  • Lining Tears Easily