Making sure you can identify your luggage

I went on holiday recently to Tenerife and on the return journey I was waiting for my luggage when I suddenly realized that I couldn’t remember what my luggage looked like. The panic started setting in almost immediately – what if I just can’t identify my luggage, then what will I do? Then my mind started to play tricks on me – was that my luggage coming around the conveyor belt right now, or did it belong to somebody else? What if I pick that luggage up and it turns out not to be mine – I will look like a fool.

That really got me panicking even more and I started to imagine in my head that somebody else already had this exact same dilemma, and perhaps they had picked up my luggage by mistake, now I would never get it back.

Eventually it all worked itself out, I waiting a little while until most of the other travelers had collected their bags, and then finally my luggage came around on the conveyor belt and luckily I recognized it as being mine – problem averted.

Now the panic was over, but it got me thinking.

Having Easily Recognizable Luggage is Very Important

It got me thinking about the importance of being able to easily recognize your own luggage. This might sound obvious to the seasoned traveler but to me it was like a revelation. From that point onward I vowed to always travel with luggage that I would definitely recognize – no matter what. Basically I never wanted to be put in this position again. I didn’t want to worry about recognizing my own luggage and equally I didn’t want their to be any possibility of someone else picking up my luggage and mistaking it for their own.

To help me stick to this new rule, I came up with a couple of handy tips that would allow me, and others, to always recognize their own luggage when travelling.

Tip 1: Buy Luggage That is Easy to Recognize

This is actually the first thing that I did once I got back home. I went out and bought a new suitcase. I opted to buy a very memorable suitcase from Calpak – this was a pink case in fact, one with very high quality detailing, bright colors and lots of branding on it.

I actually included this exact case recently in my Calpak luggage review because its such a fantastically well made item of luggage. Anyway, aside from it being well made, the main point here was that it stands out from the crowd, so to speak. From previous visits to the airport I already knew that most bags come in dull colors – lots of blues, blacks and grey’s and thus if I had a bright pink case there would be a fairly good chance of it standing out among most of the other luggage as it traveled around the conveyor belt.

Tip 2: Add A Tag or Ribbon To Your Luggage

Lets face it, having a pink suitcase doesn’t guarantee that you will spot it when it comes off of the airplane. There is always the possibility that someone else has a pink suitcase, or indeed that someone else has exactly the same pink suitcase as you. I needed a backup plan, and so do you. My backup plan happened to be a baby blue ribbon. I know pink and blue go well together but at the same time that the baby blue ribbon would stand out against the bright pink surface of my suitcase. SO I bought some baby blue ribbon from the local craft store and I tied it to the hand of my new Calpak carry-on luggage. This made the luggage stand out even more and I was pretty happy that I would be able to recognize it even lined up with a hundred other suitcases.

baby blue ribbon

You can never be too careful though, and I still knew that lots of other travelers often put ribbons or similar material on their luggage to make it easily recognizable for them. Based on this information I knew it was still possible, even if very unlikely, that someone else might have a bright pink Calpak suitcase with a baby blue ribbon tied to its handle, so I had to take one more precaution.

Tip 3: Add Clearly Visible Contact Details to Your Luggage

This is the clincher for me, this makes me certain that if all else fails I will definitely be able to at least confirm which case is mine. The final tip is adding contact details to your luggage. I went out and bought a cream luggage tag from Calpak. I added my contact details – my name, phone number and address – to this tag using the provided insert. I then attached the tag, again to the handle of my case, and felt much happier knowing that I would always be able to recognize and identify my luggage in the future.

Better still, thanks to the additional of a luggage tag with my details on it, I now knew that even in the most obscure situation where someone might have accidentally mistaken my luggage for their own, that person would be able to contact me to let me know the mistake they had made, which could then be easily rectified.

No More Lost Luggage

Phew, now I felt happy, I would never have to worry about losing my luggage again. If you follow my useful tips then hopefully you will never be in this type of situation either, and you will always be able to easily identify your luggage when it comes around the luggage conveyor belt at the airport.

If you found these tips useful please comment below so that I know I am helping at least somebody out with my travel tips.


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  1. Thanks, I found this article really useful. I am going on my first holiday abroad next month and I was panicking about exactly this. I am going to go and buy some ribbon tomorrow and put it on my case. thanks!

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